Push all limits in our cardio based workouts focusing on your reaction skills, with our state of the art wall and floor combo unit that responds to touch. The class format is 55 seconds work with 15 seconds rest of high intensity circuit based training adding functional 3D movements with visual cues and targets to build a result driven workout giving you the ultimate fitness experience around LED Mood Lighting and sounds at 120bpm for maximum performance.


Enhance your results in the RED ROOM with our resistance based high intensity interval strength training workouts. The class format is 50 seconds work with 20 seconds rest, with 4 rounds in total. This class will incorporate upper body, lower body and full body functional movements with added weights, extra resistance and state of the art LED Mood Lighting and music at 120 bpm to keep you focused and pushing through every rep.


Lets slow it down! with a low intensity workout focusing on compound movements as well as isolation movements, This class format is 1 minute work with 30 second rest with 4 rounds in total. Its all about good technique and clean repetitions, this class will target specific muscle groups leaving you feeling 100% satisfied that you didn't miss a muscle. One More Rep! our trainers will encourage you through every repetition unleashing your inner strength.


Become the ultimate challenger in which you give one hundred percent effort through 30 seconds of quick, intense bursts of maximum effort, followed by 30 second recovery periods. This friendly training technique incorporates our state of the art wall and floor combo units that light up the room while tracking your repetitions, speed, performance and time during the workout. Increase your reaction time, Speed, agility, power and endurance while challenging your components in this group training platform.


When you join Technofunc, you aren't joining a gym. You are joining a community of like minded people, who are there to give you the support, guidance and motivation you need to get results and live a healthy active lifestyle. We have a variety of membership options depending on your commitment to your health and fitness goals.

Our options:

  • 6 month agreement for $44 per week

  • Month by month agreement for $55 per week

  • Student memberships available. *Contact staff for further information


At Technofunc we offer FREE childminding services for our members and guests from Monday through to Friday for our 10am class only. 

If you wish to utilise this service you are now required to call our friendly reception staff ( 1300 832 466) so they can discuss the childminding requirements and book in your child/children, as we can only take a certain amount of children pre staff member.

Please be conscious of also calling to cancel if you have booked you child/ children in but can no longer make it or if they become ill.

We aim to offer a clean and happy environment for the kids to play in. This is upstairs away from the workout platform so mum or dad can concentrate on their workout 100%, but please understand that if your child/children need to go to the toilet, become ill or are misbehaving our staff will come and inform you during your workout.