Strength and Functional Training



We all want to be STRONG right? Whether it’s carrying groceries, lifting weights or just plain throwing things around, STRENGTH is by far one of the most attractive things about training. 

So what’s the difference between FUNCTIONAL strength training and traditional strength training. The answer is A LOT!

With traditional strength training, the focus is building strength one muscle group at a time, such as a simple bicep curl or leg extension. However, this type of training doesn’t translate to much of what you do outside a regular gym! 

FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH training uses large movements that stabilise specific muscle groups to mimic what you do in everyday life. So in simple terms, FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH training is vital to keeping your movements strong in your work and simple every day activities.

So why is it so important?

Imagine you have to carry a bag of groceries in each hand, and then you have to reach into your pocket for your keys, put the weight of the bags on a hip while you reach and balance your weight so you don’t topple over. You are not just using your arm muscle’s strength to do this; you’re using your balance, coordination and dynamic movement of said muscles. With FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH training, this movement would be a lot easier, as the body is used to incorporating whole body movements to utilise all aspects of strength, something traditional training does not produce. Therefore a good base of FUNCTIONAL STRENGTHalso massively reduces the chance of injury. This is an everyday example, imagine what good FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH can do your sports performance!

TECHNOFUNC is one of the few places where all aspects of functional strength are addressed. The workouts address coordination, range of motion, speed and purity of movement to allow a true enhancement of FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH.

As a Chiropractor who treats many athletes and ordinary people daily, I prescribe a huge amount of rehabilitative exercises, all of which incorporate STRENGTH at a functional capacity. It is an important aspect of total body fitness and injury prevention for all types of people.

Dr Daniel Ayala (CHIROPRACTOR)

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