How do you build muscle?


The scientific term for building muscle or gaining muscle as most people written when they want a gains based result is HYPERTROPHY. A misconception that more people believe than not is that to grow larger muscles you need to lift heavier weights. This however will change from Trainer to Trainer and gym to gym, as everyone has an individual belief and option that they believe, which is 100% fine, however, we encourage you to do your own research, partake in your own training program and experience it for yourself first before making your decision. 

So lifting heavy over time will give you the muscle growth benefits, but with that comes the wear and tear on your body! Muscle, joint and tendon pain plus the burnout that you will experience will make it hard to sustain the heavy lifting. 

If we turn our focus on the INTENSITY rather than the HEVINESS off the weight load being lifted, you can actually use less weight AND you wont have as much wear and tear on your body.

A few reasons why the lifting heavier wont banish is because when you first start training your body responds quickly to the new muscle growth, so how exactly do you increase your intensity when training?= to get those fast muscle gains? 

1. Shorten your rest period - This would have to be the easiest way to increase the intensity. If you workout alone, time yourself and than shorten the rest period each time. This will end up in you not having enough time to get those extra reps out at the weight you want because your not fully rested. If you come to Technofunc, we got you covered! Our workouts are all set up already in our system with our short rest periods to take out the guess work for you

2. Up the tempo - When lifting shift the focus from the technique once you have the technique on, muscle activation and core activation down pat, up the tempo. Increase the speed of which you pump out the reps. In our classes on round 1 do it at normal tempo and than round 2 up the tempo and aim for 3-5more reps as an increase. 

3. Fatigue your body before your brain - on your warm up sets make sure you smash out lighter weights of a superset to the exercise you are about to do. For example, in a chest press you use your Chest muscles ( pecs) so smash out 10- 20 push ups to pump up the muscle and set that fatigue in than you wont physically be able to lift as long and heavy on the lift. 

4. Dropsets - THE BEST THING EVER for a mental and physical challenge. This BURNS and pushes you to your max effort. As you finish on your final set or final station here at Technofunc, smash out some drop sets where you drop the weight down gradually going lighter and lighter but still aiming for the same amount of reps. You can use this technique in ANY time of training! 

If you feel you are bored with your workouts come check out Technofunc. We do all of this in our classes which are already pre designed and set up! all you need to so is rock up, get your pump on and you are good to go!