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At Technofunc we have a philosophy of BURN & BUILD….

This is again in reference to our style or method if you like, of training that our classes are designed and delivered around. High Intensity Interval Training. Most know this as the ULTIMATE cardio fast track to results.

Those host intense spouts of energy lead to INTENSE fat burn and have since turned people to not enjoying the long steady state cardio like running or walking and rather turning their focus to push their cardio limits with HIIT.

But, what we wanted to focus on this week is the added benefit that this type of training has when incorporated with STRENGTH/RESISTANCE training. This can help you make some SERIOUS results, in literally half the time it takes you to finish a traditional strength workout up in the gym.

If you thought HIIT was only for cardio, than think again!

It has been proven in a study by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) that people who incorporate HIIT method on Strength days, made far greater gains in the weights room in LESS than HALF the time of the group, and in some cases they even got stronger. SEE THE STUDY HERE

What we suggest:

Start implementing HIIT Principles into your weight training when you are looking to sky rocket your muscle mass over a short period of time.

Attend Technofunc Amplify classes which have been designed to maximise your muscle mass in a short period of time using the HIIT principles mentioned above.

Amplify is a class where you can literally AMPLIFY your results (hence the name). This class type allows you to pump up that intensity and thus get the rewards of your hard work using the training method of HIIT and HYPERTROPHY combined