What happens in 28days?


Today I wanted to take time out to talk about the new 28day Kickstart Challenge and the benefits of the changes. Yes, we know 28days is not as long as the old 6 week challenge, but 28days is an achievable amount of days to make some significant sustainable changes to your health & fitness.

Wether or not you jump on board obviously is completely up to you! However from experience the longer challenges are harder for people to stick too once the motivation dies and they realise the process needs consistency, continuous effort and discipline.

Our main goal for our challenge is to equip you with the tools necessary for sustainable results so that you can benefit from what is learnt long term. So I thought why not break down the benefits to give you another perspective of it.

Lets start off by saying we eat can affect all the processes in the body, including cell regeneration, inflammation, digestion and sleep. So its no surprise that after even 28 days of changing up your poor habits to better habits like eating well, exercising for your goals and creating a positive mindset you can expect to not only look better, but feel a whole lot better, too.


When I say eating well, I mean nourishing your body with the nutrients it needs EVERYDAY to naturally move itself towards optimal health. This to me, means enjoying a variety of nutritious fruit and vegetables, whole grains, protein, healthy fats and water, and less processed and packaged food, salt, saturated fat and added sugar.

What’s also important is HOW we eat. Things such as regular meals are an important part of this, as is taking time to enjoy and savour your food, rather than shovelling it in at your desk or as you run out the door. Changing the way you eat as well as what you eat will make a huge difference to your overall health and how you look and feel and i’m sure I can safely say that at one point we have ALL shovelled in food way to quickly!


After there first few days of eliminating foods that have no nutritional value or cause inflammation you will start to noctice your energy levels increase and you have better concentration because your blood sugar levels will start to stabilise as your body eliminates the junk!

With this increased energy it will pick up over time and you’ll notice any inflammation start to slowly go down and you will start to of created a good eating routine which will in tune suppress the cravings eventually.

As the rolls and weeks roll by, by following this cleaner healthier style of eating and creating balance between nutritious food for fuel and the things you love, you will also find the following:

  • your skin appearance will start to be clearer

  • Stomach bloating should start to minimise

  • And you’ll be sleeping better and feeling a whole heap better during the day

Now after a full 28day of consistent healthy balanced eating and exercise you can expect the following:

  • Improved overall body composition

  • Improved mood

  • Improved sleeping patterns

  • No cravings

  • Regular excessive routine

the good benefit of the 28day challenge is it allows you to make changes, implement them than evaluate them at the end reset for a week than go again for the next 28days so technically you could do 3 back to back 28days to create a consistent training program and nutrition plan over 90days which is what we recommend.

If you want to see changes and make changes it come down to your mindset and the way you look at it. Anything or any time period will work for a health and fitness result IF you apply yourself!

Good luck to all our tribe members who took the leap to make the changes and are giving the 28day challenge a go!


Coach Channy 💪🏼