Create your discipline


Everyone loses their inspiration in the gym sometimes. What matters is what happens when you lose that motivation. Your alarm for your pre booked 5am class goes off, and you contemplate staying in bed and if you can be bothered?

Than you start to question why your doing it? And if it’s benefiting you anymore. You pick up your phone, have a scroll to look for some inspiration on social media to get you motivated. You stumble across something new than you have this idea that this will be the thing that gets you the results your looking for and kicks your motivation back into gear.

Unless you are a beginner and have just started training, chances are you have been stuck at one point or another with a goal or just getting yourself to the gym and staying motivated.

We have all been there at some stage and it’s totally ok. Maybe you are there now. Your human. If that is the case, then one or more of these tips could be exactly what you need to break that barrier and meet your goals and stay consistent.

  1. Change Your Mindset

Have you been telling yourself before you go train, "I hope I can get it today?" If so, this is a big NO NO. That word hope only sets you up for failure. Get that word out of your brain right now. From now on, before you leave the house or work, you tell yourself this or something similar.

"Today is my day. I am going to do this. I have been working at this for a long time. I am going to the gym, I am ready and today I WILL DO IT!"

It might sound cocky, but to do what you want to do in this endeavor, confidence is key. You have to know you are able to do it in order to make it happen. You need to change the way your looking at ‘going to the gym’

2. Visualisation

The mind is a very powerful thing. If you can see yourself doing something strong enough in your mind, you will do it in real life.

Take a few minutes and sit alone. Close your eyes and imagine yourself breaking that benchmark or squatting that weight you’ve wanted to, or feeling how you wish to feel. See yourself pushing and straining. Watch yourself doing what you are trying so hard to do.

Also do this a few minutes before you go train. I guarantee you that you will feel stronger and more confident in your ability

3. You need to push yourself more

In the gym or in class you come in, the demonstration is done for you than you jump right into the workout. You may (or may not) have a HR monitor and you can see your effort and progress in the screen.

If you just mosey on through the workout picking the easiest option for everything of course you will get over it. You need to challenge yourself. Increase the volume or intensity. Go a little heavier. Get a few more reps out. Ask for some assistance from the trainers.

You can always scale an exercise or workout to make it more challenging!

4. Take a break when you feel you need it

If all else fails, perhaps you need a couple of week break to rest, recharge and reset yourself. Sometimes all it takes is getting away to get that motivation back up and to feel that fire and passion again.

It might be difficult for you to do, but you will be better for it. You will feel better both mentally and physically which will help you break that barrier.

5. Get an accountability buddy

Partner up with someone from class or from the gym to help keep you accountable. If you want some inspiration on this check out our on the couch video with Megan & Olivia. They have become gym buddies and do a great job at keeping each other on track!

6. Have clear SMART goals

Specific | Measureable | Achieveable | Realistic | Timely

This allows you to set, action and reevaluate your goals over time! Set your main goal (reason why your at the gym) than break it down to a smaller goal and than break it down again to stepping stone weekly goals.

This allows you to focus week by week on the journey to the overall goal. You’ll be surprised how much this actually works when you focus on the process not the outcome!

7.FOCUS - Follow one course until successful

This is a phrase we hear a lot in relation to success (of any type). Follow one course until successful. If you keep searching social media and hoping from this new thing to that new thing, yes you’ll gain new experience and knowledge, but you’ll also be forever chasing the ‘thing’ (whatever that may be) that’s going to get you results when ultimately its YOU. No one but yourself can get you those results or the motivation you want, you need to commit yourself, make a plan of action, actually action it, create consistency, build habits and discipline and push through any roadblocks that arise in order to be successful in getting a goal or result.


Coach Channy