Exhilarate your performance..


Performance cardio… Do you do it?

This isn’t just your normal day to day running, jogging, cycling swimming etc. when we say performance we mean SPEED, AGILITY, REACTION training!

This type of training used to predominantly be for athletes or specific sports, but now we commonly see people using this type of training to increase their athletic performance.

At Technofunc we run Performance training every Thursday and we have a mixed bag of classes that we rotate through with new ones always evolving as you read this. There are multiple reasons why we have added this type of class to our weekly training schedule and th benefits are endless so take a read on how this type of training can benefit you:

PERFORMANCE training is hard but FUN. One of the most common reasons why people stop their exercise programs is because they find running on the treadmill relatively boring and it can be hard to make the time for something that gives you enjoyment. However, if exercise is challenging and engaging, it’s a little more exciting and becomes something you look forward to as opposed to something you dread. Plus a point of difference for Technofunc is our interactive wall and floor sprint & combo units that allow you to bring the fun and competitive nature out in the class.

PERFORMANCE training can improve your movement patterns and full body awareness. While sports people use this training for sport-specific skills, you do not need to be a competitive athlete to receive the benefits of improved coordination and body awareness. Speed training improves the rate of force production(the speed at which muscles contract) which can diminish over the course of the normal biological aging process.

Agility training can improve core stability, which is the ability to maintain control of a moving center of mass over a changing base of support. Reactivity and quickness drills can enhance natural reflexes, helping you to move faster in almost everything you do. Performance training can help improve movement skill and coordination for adults of all ages. It also helps help older adults improve their dynamic balance, allowing them to remain functionally independent well into their later years.

PERFORMANCE training uses more muscles than linear running, which can help you burn more calories during your workout. When more muscles are involved during exercise, the body requires more oxygen, which increases the amount of energy that is expended. Most, if not all, of the leg muscles are needed to overcome the forces of gravity and ground reaction to control the body’s ability to make multiple changes of direction and frequent changes of speed (a hallmark of performance training), while running at a constant pace in a linear direction does not engage the leg muscles in the same ways.

PERFORMANCE training is a form of HIIT which is an effective way to burn a lot of calories in a limited amount of time. In fact, it can actually help you continue to burn calories after you’ve finished your workout. . This  can burn a lot of calories, but requires complete rest intervals between repetitions to allow for energy replenishment and nervous system recovery. The ability to burn calories after the workout is over is technically known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) and can be a big help to those with fat-loss goals.

PERFORMANCE training is a great way to connect with your kids. It can be hard to find things in common with your kids, but if you learn how to do an agility ladder or execute rapid changes of direction, you can feel comfortable going out and shooting baskets or kicking a ball around with your kids, thus giving you more opportunities to spend time with them.

Despite the perception that PERFORMANCE training is only for people playing sports, you don’t need to be a professional athlete to receive benefits from this type of exercise. Due to its challenging nature, it places a tremendous amount of stress on the muscles, connective tissues, joints and bones of the lower body. Start slow and gradually increase the complexity (number of direction changes), the distance covered, speed of movement, and the number of different drills and repetitions for each drill.

In our exhilarate class you will be pushed in our blue room with beats of 150bpm to help carry you through the intense but fun intervals