Are you intimidated?

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Does entering a gym or fitness studio environment intimidate you?

Society now days has become so accustom to the health and fitness industry. Social media being the driving force for quiet a lot of stigma of needing to look or train a certain way.

Being society has now become accustomed to the health and fitness industry. We constantly see workouts posted all over social media ranging from Power lifting, Weight training, Circuits, Boxing, Functional training; Well the list could go on forever…literally!

Then suddenly you think, “Hey, I want to do that.”

However, something is stopping you… Fear.

Are you feeling unsure that you will not know what you are doing when you walk through the doors and into the group training environment?

We at Technofunc know that the fear of entering a gym or group fitness environment can be incredibly daunting and hear it ALL the time from new and existing members

However not if you go in with the right perspective, knowledge and training.Remember, Knowledge is power. How much do you know?

You may even find that starting may just be the hardest part of your journey. The first point we as humans must understand is that no matter who you are or what you do for a living, we are all equals.

We will find that we are all in the gym for the exact same reason- we are there for our passion for health and fitness and to achieve goals and results. We are there to better ourselves mentally and physically and look after our health ultimately!

So, rest assured that you are not alone! There are many people that feel the exact same way as you, but what could you do to put the insecurity to rest?

Here are some tips to break through those barriers!

Tip 1: Start small

Creating small achievable goals to keep yourself on track will be one of the biggest aids in your journey. By doing so this allows you to monitor how you are progressing, what changes are being made physically and mentally, as well as allowing you to conquer the smaller goals which are all leading up to that one BIG goal. That in itself feels good, how good is kicking goals right?

Tip 2: Mix It Up

Mix up your training, find what works for you and what makes you happy. Training should be something you enjoy and fills you with energy. Why not make it fun while you’re at it?
Try some new classes, alternate weights and HIIT training classes, do circuits and push your functional fitness!

Tip 3: The Buddy System

Find a friend to get you through those classes and push each other. Finding someone with similar goals will keep you accountable and ensure that you keep showing up, even when you may not want to. This will make your workouts more fun and show you that you are NOT ALONE in this.
Bringing a buddy to class, can make you feel more comfortable and more confident. This will allow you to strive to reach your full potential and not let any fear get in the way.

Tip 4: A Helping Hand

Seek the guidance of staff or Personal Trainer to help you learn the ropes with someone who knows it backwards and forwards. This is a great way to learn correct form and build trust within yourself as well as the gym environment.
A Personal Trainer is there to help make you feel comfortable and the best part is, they don’t judge you if you don’t know what you are doing! If anything, it gives them a chance to share their knowledge with you! They are there to help you reach your goals, push you to your limits and smash every single session!

Tip 5: Find Yourself A Mentor

These days the internet is filled with fitness bloggers, influencers and health professionals, finding someone who guides you and inspires you to keep going and be the best version of yourself is something you can delve into.
Perhaps you have someone who gives you great meal prep inspiration because its more than just training that makes your feel good, a well-balanced diet is equally important.
Maybe it’s someone who shares workouts that you can try out in your own time or even just admire someone who lives a HEALTHY lifestyle, someone that you look up to. It could be your neighbour, your family, a friend or even your partner.

All of these things can get you started on the right path. It doesn’t have to be something major to get you to your goal. The little steps you choose to make day after day will shape your habits, change your mindset and help kick those nerves away and get you on your way to becoming your best self.


Stay strong, stay persistent and know that each day will make a difference.