Functional Zone - Dots


This station is what we refer to as DOTS and are a type of marking that are pretty straight forward and simple. However, from a program design point of view when we start thinking about the application of how to utilise these to the best once you really start thinking about the application, you may realise that it takes a bit of imagination and time to use them properly and to their full potential.

To put it simply you can also think of them like a big game of hopscotch or twister! Where our hands and feet can be used to utilise the space in a game like way but with purpose..

The simplest way of incorporating the DOTS into our workouts is to treat the dots like those in a giant game of Twister; hands and feet can be forced into various positions while engaging the core to hold a secure position and or moving in our multidirectional movement planes. This could mean using set movement combinations or variations on plank, press-up or stretching positions and added load or no load.

Other ways is that we can utilise them for our cardio classes for agility and speed movements that are commonplace in many sports. Another benefit of them is that they are useful in helping beginners learn the correct body positioning and footwork patterns in relation to specific exercises and movement.

Here are some links to ways in which we use the DOTS for both strength flexibility or Cardio…

Join us next week where we will cover our next station!

Coach Channy