Functional Zone - Squares


Another simple but effective station that consists of 9 small squares or even 1 larger square x3 is our SQUARES. Like dots and web this station allows you to create a very flexible and challenging core, strength or cardio workout. For example the different squares or lines within the square can be used to mark hand and foot positioning when doing planks, press ups, squat thrusts and other bodyweight movements or the lines can be utilised for foot placement when performing a squat or a small square itself can be for correct cueing for a backwards or forwards lunge or any multidirectional exercise.

There is a huge range of functional equipment that we can use and are the best to being used with the square station . These range from are power bags, aerobic steps, Olympic bars, TRX suspension straps and slam Balls just to name a few. Placed in the centre of a 3x3 square, it gives the instructor 8 distinct areas around the square that can be utilised to assist with the description of movements making it clear where you feet need to go and at what direction or plane of movement you will be working in.

The same applies if not more when we are doing our strength classes. The square system can help indicate body position and where the user should be aiming to place your feet or slam or drop the bag or ball.

An example of this would be a barbell squat where you would place your 2 feet on the middle lines for correct width for your squat. Another example is a TRX suspension curtsey lunge - where you would start with both feet in the middle square, lifting you right leg up and stepping back diagonally to the back right square and vice versa for the left side.

We are also able to utilise the square for flexibility and mobility movements which we do is select classes. Here is an example of this!

Next week we will uncover one of our INTERACTIVE zones so make sure you stay tuned!