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Another versatile station which we utilise in a number of ways. Predominately this stations purpose is all about CORE STABILITY and CORE ENGAGEMENT..

Here we are able to utilise the markings on the sliders for 2D movements (forwards, backwards, side to side) or 3D multidirectional movements ( forwards or backwards, side to side adding in a core rotation or lower body rotation).

When you get to this station in our Technofunc workouts your hands or feet never leave the floor, so it’s a total body workout that’s low impact. If you’ve had a recent injury or have joint issues, gliding keeps your feet and hands on the floor but lets you move in all planes of motion without impact thus allowing a complete beginner OR anyone needing low impact cardio or strength exercises to get the most benefit out of the movement without jeopardising injuries.

With this station comes slider pads which are for your hands or feet and assist in engaging your core muscles throughout the full range of motion of an exercise while introducing a balance challenge.

The beauty of the sliders and slider pads is you can use them in a variety of different workouts – Dynamic, Amplify Hype and Exhilarate where you get an aerobic or dance workout, mobility, muscle shaping and strengthening moves and cardio based exercises. Just as importantly, they’re fun! A glide workout is never boring, and when you do one, you WILL feel it.

With the correct guidance and technique from our trainers they are relatively easy to use. You will however become aware of how strong or weak your core is very quickly on this station. Like anything, it takes a little time to make the movements smooth and fluid. To use them correctly we instruct to place the balls of your feet on the slider pads and keep your heels off the back to act as a brake. This gives you greater control and makes it easy to stop.

See the sliders in action…