Interactive Zone - Combo Unit


Todays station which we are going to uncover is the COMBO UNIT. This combo unit is what we refer to as our interactive zone. Our zone that literally FUNCS you up!

Here we utilise the use of touch pad sensitive wall and floor units. We have 3 stations per zone and each zone has numbers 1 through to 9 on the wall unit and floor unit.

The beauty of this zones is that it allows our members to connect their mind and body throughout the exercise. With each and every touch the system will count the repetitions of the member so that we can create some healthy competition between our members and within our classes.

Within our classes we use this zone in a variety of ways. For example, in our Dynamic Strength classes we use the numbers and lights on the floor purely foot placing and stance purposes so that our members can brace through their core correctly with each lift.

In our cardio classes we utilise the space on both wall and floor where members have to react as quick as they can to the light in order to gain the most reps.

The main purpose of this zone is to work on REACTION TIME, SPEED, AGILITY, MIND and BODY CONNECTION but FUN.. Due to the nature of the touch pad wall and floor and the member aiming to hit the lights with their hands or feet the element of FUN in hugely brought into it, and in some cases the member forgetting that they are actually working out and improving their athletic performance because they are so focused within the interactive zone!