Why you need to be apart of Technofunc.


There is no secret that Technofunc is a completely unique Fitness Facility. Not only from the name but everything down to the workouts, atmosphere and studio we are ONE OF A KIND…

For those that attend Technofunc and are valued members of our tribe, you know first hand what we offer and deliver and the uniqueness that comes with our tribe. Those who follow us, will see member results weather that be through our 28day kickstarts, 6 week challenge or consistency over time of sticking to a plan and training schedule and the value that we aim to add to our members lives day in and day out.

We started from an idea! We wanted to bring to the industry something completely different and never seen before in Australia and we did just that.. and are about to expand with another branch!

So what i wanted to do was take this time over the next 4-6 weeks in the lead up to our second branch Technofunc Campbelltown opening is educate you on the importance of finding your tribe. ( meaning your gym)

Lets start by having full transparency in saying that this has not been and easy journey, and anyone who runs their own business will know whatever your field of work is that it is 24/7 non stop. BUT everyday, literally day in and day out it has been the most rewarding thing we have done to date because of the lessons we have learnt the results our people have gotten and the lives we have impacted.

To create a space where people love to come to better themselves is one of the most humbling yet motivating feelings in the world and literally brings a tear to my eye when i think of all our amazing members and the feedback we receive.

When we talk about the importance of health and fitness it literally comes in all shapes and sizes. There is not 1 thing that is best for everyone except healthy eating and exercise of course, but that can be delivered in so many ways. Each and every fitness facility/ program you do or have done will educate you that little bit different each and every time. What one person says the other will disagree with. So its important to find what works for you and what you are comfortable with!

We have shifted our focus in our classes at Technofunc to training movement, which allow you to utilise the bodies natural movement patterns. These are multidirectional movement patterns meaning from left to right, forward and backwards up and down, to develop strength so that when you are training, you are training to help also improve your daily functional patterns like lifting up kids, walking, sitting down and getting up, getting in and out of the car and improving your posture etc.

We have the freedom to design our classes, where we can change the intensity and the delivery of each and every exercise to suit the individuals needs and goals.

For the experience athlete/ gym goer to the fitness first timer who has never exercised before we can modify the exercise, the direction of the movement, the speed, the intensity and the progression and regression thus allowing us to cater to the needs of the members once we know their goals.

At Technofunc we have 2 zones. The Functional Zone and the Interactive Zone. Each zone is made up of a certain amount of stations which over the next 4-6 weeks we will educate you on the stations and the importance/ purpose of each.

Overall, as an introduction our focus is PURPOSE BUILT TRAINING where you can BUILD and BURN throughout the whole week. We have designed with the BUILD and BURN in mind so you can build your strength up, improve your fitness level and athletic performance all with versatility and adaptability to burning long after the workouts are complete.

Last but not least lets talk FUN….

This also is our primary driving force behind EVERYTHING that we do. Fitness does NOT have to be and shouldn’t be a hard hitting chore that makes you loath getting out of bed to go get it done! It should be fun, you should love the classes, the music the atmosphere and of course the people you workout with.

From experience, people who struggle to maintain consistency with their exercise routine it is often because they view it as not enjoyable or worth it and we believe fitness is very much a mindset thing swell as physical. To make a change, exercise should be challenging enough that our bodies are forced to adapt to the physical stress. These adaptations are created through muscle growth, strength, endurance, etc. However, within that challenge there can be enjoyment.

Put simply, if you don’t enjoy it. Don’t do it.  Viewing exercise as a chore doesn’t work for us. This brings us back to when we were kids, we got so lost in the activity, with no sense of time or what it was actually doing for our bodies. Chasing each other around or playing tip or running races wasn’t a chore or obligation it was literally just an act of enjoyment in a physical form.

So that takes us to FUNC’n up your Fitness and adding in some play to your workouts! This doesn’t mean running around popping bubbles or playing tip, we mean engage in exercise that brings you enjoyment, For example applying what we do in some of our select classes like Baller, Warrior, Ninja, Superhero. these in a sense are game like ways to workout.

With our interactive zones, our imagination and FUN at the forefront of our program design we also have found a way to deliver to our members a physical challenge with a sense of connection, playfulness, and purpose which we feel is what is missing from a lot of attitudes about exercise.

Stay tunned for next week where we uncover our Functional Zone…


Coach Channy