Diet Secret....

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So this is it……….

Its nothing complicated……..

Nothing you need a big ass degree for……..

If you are serious about changing up your body shape, eating habits and getting results than all you need to do is become familiar with HOW MUCH FOOD you are throwing down the gob EVERYTIME you eat..

We call this PORTION CONTROL….. ( te-dahhhh)

In this day and age it is EXTREMELY easy to overeat. Everything is bigger because lets face is everyone wants value for money right? This is more so in reference to when you EAT OUT. How big are those god dam plates that the food comes out on. Like seriously, the portions could feed at least 2 people EASILY yet we sit and eat it all in one serving alone.

You may think its hard and you cant do it, but it comes down to TRAINING YOUR EYE to assist you with portion control. Don’t let those EYES be bigger than your STOMACH.

So below are Technofuncs Tips on how to kickstart this so you can get those results….


What does that mean? Simply put, training your portion eye, refers to having the ability to judge a portion size using a visual aspect. So, what we do for our challenges is food tracking. This essentially is what we believe to be THE BEST way to learn your body, learn how it responds to different foods and become familiar with how much you really are eating on a daily basis. So that’s defiantly the avenue we chose to educate our members on, however it can be overwhelming at first if you have never done it, so like our goal setting we create SMALL achievable stepping stones to get there. Starting with portion control. This is the easiest way for us to help you get in the routine and rhythm with food because lets be real, TRACKING it isn’t for everyone. It can be time consuming (if you want to do it accurately), weighing, measuring and portioning out your meals. And if it feels like a chore, there’s a high chance you wont stick to it. 


Its also going to take some self control and discipline to stick to it but that’s it. Its all on you! 

Whether dishing up a single meal or multiple meals in advance, I want you to try gauging your portion sizes in the following way:

Divide your plate VISUALLY into thirds. Each third is space for your source of protein, carbohydrates and fats. 

With regards to protein, for men, visualise TWO palms (no fingers included) of protein dense foods with each meal. And that means YOUR palms, not those of the Incredible Hulk. (haha)

For women, ONE palm of protein dense food with each meal. I would also like to stress that protein NEEDS to be your priority. Make sure you’re getting it! 

For carbohydrates, men may visualise TWO cupped hands of carb dense foods,  women ONE cupped hand. 

When it comes to vegetables, males can throw TWO closed fists worth of veg on the plate, women ONE closed fist. 

Lastly, with fats, for men, TWO thumb size pieces of fat dense foods, ONE thumb size for women. 

So as you can see, that it! All you need is two hands and the ability to count to two! 

In closing, your hand is related to your body size, making it an excellent portable and personalised way to track food intake if you are a beginner or just wanting to start off with manageable processes to educate yourself first.

Give this method a try if you are or have struggled with portion control in the past.