Why Challenges are GOLD!

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There are many benefits to undergoing a health and fitness challenge, the list is endless however the main reason a challenge can help improve your results is simply the fact that we want to be the best version of ourselves. We naturally work harder, better and have more focus when we are given the opportunity to take on a new challenge. Also our bodies naturally respond well to either a new way of eating or a different way to training. And that is exactly what our TF Challenge is about.

So here are our main points on why we know CHALLENGES are GOLD..


Support & Accountability

 The main reason people fall off the “wagon” of success for their health and fitness goals or any goals in general is a lack of accountability or support or usually combined by both. The structure of our challenge is that there is accountability for the entire time of the duration, accountability to reach weekly goals and succeed at those particular big long term goals. When a group of people come together to work towards a similar goal or interest the support network and positive influence around us increases and in turn the success rate also dramatically increases when we have the right support group around us.


Behavioural Changes

A commitment to your health and fitness for 28 days or 6 weeks can be the first step to an ongoing re-haul to a healthier lifestyle and a good way to get your body out of a sticky spot and into new habits. Challenges are a very achievable way to increase the intensity of your results and allow your body to re-boot and be reenergised. It is also a goodtime to rest and digest. Allowing our stomach a time to rest and properly digest our foods. Having a break from over processed and over loaded with carbohydrates. Behavioural changes are a great place to start when it comes to long-term results and on going changes for the better.

Sense of Community

The sense of community that people gain from taking part of a challenge through similar experiences and the ability to be able to share their thoughts and feelings about the particular challenges at hand create a great community spirit. The knowing that people aren’t alone on their journey and can discuss it with others helps with the process of success. This is what I refer top as community association. This is ultimately why people love our challenges, as the community support is second to none.


28 days and or 6 weeks is enough time to see results. It is a long enough period of time to see an increase in energy levels and a change in body composition. It is also a good period of time for fitness levels to increase both strength and cardiovascular fitness wise.

As you can see the benefits are endless. Nothing to lose and everything to gain. So why not join us in our next 28 day kickstart start on the 25th May or our TFR7 6wk Challenge starts Monday 10th June(Pre Measurements are on 7th & 8th June)

If you are not an TF Member you can also join the challenge but we only offer a limited amount of spaces for our 28 day kickstarts and 6 week challenge for non members! All you need to do is book in for your FREE 7 day trial where we can determine the best program for your goals and body type. For further details contact 0428816099 or email info@technofunc.com.au we will get back to you as soon as possible.