Why scale weight isnt important

evolt tracker.png

We have coached many people over the years that obsess over the number that appears on the scale. They weigh themselves daily and the number that appears each morning often dictates whether they have a good day or a bad day. It dictates mood, what you eat, etc. and you make worse decisions

The problem is this:

Body weight can fluctuate dramatically day to day and it has nothing to do with our body fat.

There are so many factors that can cause rather dramatic short-term fluctuations in body weight:

  • Glycogen levels in our muscles & liver

  • Sodium intake – high salt meals may cause higher water retention

  • Hydration – our bodies are primarily made up of water

  • Hormones (menstrual cycle for women)

  • Digestion and excretion

Body weight simply describes your relationship with gravity. It has no self-evident implication on your health or wellbeing. It should instead be used as one of many data points to measure overall progress over time – after all, it doesn’t take into consideration body-fat levels and lean muscle mass.

So what should we use to measure progress?

There are various factors that are much more important to us than your scale weight. Check in with yourself daily or weekly and ask yourself:

  • How has your mood been?

  • How was the quality of your sleep?

  • How has your digestion been?

  • How are your energy levels throughout the day?

  • How has your strength been?

Think body composition, not bodyweight.

Bodyweight is just one small piece of the puzzle when it comes to determining how healthy you are.

At Technofunc we have the EVolt360 scan machine which is a body composition scanner and tells you ALL the information you need to know in reference to body fat verse muscle mass etc. We run 6 week challenges where education is a core pillar when it comes to true lasting transformation, which is why we hold these often to educate more and more people on the importance of BODY COMPOSITION, learning food and how it reacts to your body and that you are more that that overall number on the scale.