Our approach to results...


Just like anything, figuring out your approach, your systems or preferred training style takes time.

We at Technofunc aren’t interested in the short term results. Don’t get us wrong, they are great and we defiantly support short term goals and actually educate on the importance of daily, weekly, monthly yearly goals within our 28day kickstart and 6week challenge, but ultimately we want EVERYONE who comes into our gym to think LONG TERM.

Now that we have our solid foundation everything from our member on boarding process to the way that we design our group classes and our kickstart and challenge programs to the way that we engage with our clients has this in mind.

Our approach and style is brought about because there are far to many people who think of Fitness as a chore, so with our program and our unique flooring and community that we have created, we aim to create the mindset of a long term client who thinks of long term results for themselves and their life. This is someone who knows straight up the journey is going to be a long one but is committed to every step of the way.

Our aim is to better each and every person that walks through our doors and educate them on the long term results and mindset, NOT the short term results and mindset because from past experiences anything that is attained quickly or fast, can be lost or gone just as fast as when you got it.

For me personally I want to look and feel the best that I can but move as freely as possibly for as long as possible to be able to play with my son and make health and fitness a big part of his life. So this is something that we need to start thinking about early on!

Growing up my nan always told me, look after yourself in your 20’s your 30’s will be easier, look after yourself in your 30’s your 40’s will be easier and so on and so forth and now that Im 29 years old its SOOOOO true!

To put it to you in a different way, think of it as saving for your super. This is what your going to live off when you retire right..? Well you cant get to 58 years old and say, hey I think I might start saving for when I retire in about 10-12 years.. Your retirement is not going to be comfortable or enjoyable!

The point of this blog is to say, its not going to happen over night. Maybe even not in a week or your first month. But if you keep on keeping on, use the motivation you have to create the discipline that will than create the habit and it will become second nature to you!

It takes a good 6-12months of hard work in the gym and that is what your long term approach should look like.

Look forward, stay focused on your journey and results will happen.

Coach Channy