Welcome to the Red Room


Now lets start off by saying if you are like us and hear the words “RED ROOM” initially you might think something out of the movie 50 shades of Grey, so we hit the platform and asked some of our members when they hear those word what do they think about and their response was “ Hot” & “ Sweaty” “Hard work” which we feel gives a good description of how you will feel working out in this colour room.

When you enter our Red Room you are stepping onto the platform to an Amplify Class. This is were we focus on 100% functional full body movements incorporating a weighted load from any of our equipment ( Kettlebells, Core bags, Slam Balls, Battle ropes, Wall Balls, Dumbbells to name a few)

We picked the colour red when designing our program for this class because of the way that the colour red effects your mood, you emotionally and mentally which we will explain below.

RED RAISES THE ENERGY OF THE ROOM! It is known as the most intense colour, it pumps the adrenaline like no other colour. So in saying that it was the perfect choice when you want to stir up excitement and energy levels in our environment. In a group environment red draws people together and stimulates conversation.

When you walk into the gym and the colour red is on entry, it creates a strong first impression and a sense of power!

Red has also been shown to raise Heart Rate and speed respiration and heart rate. This correlates really well with our Heart Rate training and quiet often our members can expect to see their Heart Rates on the big screen hitting the red zone quickly with 90-100% of their effort level being utilised!

This zone is where you are pushing themselves to your absolute limits and can only sustain the activity for short periods. Because of the excessive metabolic by product build up in the muscles you will feel fatigued quickly!

So in closing if you are looking for an intense class that BUILDS & BURNS in all the right places than enter our red room and start getting those results today!


Coach Channy