Membership Agreement

This agreement is between myself and Technofunc. If entering a 1, 3 or 6 month contract, I understand that after that fixed term my membership agreement rolls over and direct debits continue to an ongoing membership until appropriate cancellation process is followed which can be found in cancellation section.

Cooling off period

Cooling off period is 24hours from completing the membership weblink and only applies to anyone who signs up on their first visits. The cooling off period does not apply to anyone who has just completed the 7 or 30 day trial process.

Age Requirements

Minimum age for a membership holder is 18 years. People under the age of 18 are required to provide a certificate from a parent or legal guardian confirming the approval to train at Technofunc.

Minimum age requirement for an individual to participate in Technofunc classes is 14years old and must be accompanied by an adult or parent or guardian is to stay on site whilst the individual participates in the class.

Key Tag

I understand that upon joining on the 30day Kick Start or an unlimited access membership with Technofunc, I will be supplied a key tag which is to be scanned at reception BEFORE each and every class I attend. If lost, I understand that there is a replacement fee of $45 per key tag. This key tag is my unique membership ID.

Booking system

I understand our class booking system and that all bookings for classes are to be done online, subject to availability. I understand that I can only PRE-BOOK my classes through Technofunc website or Technofunc app.  

Class arrival

I understand that once I arrive at Technofunc I must scan my key tag at reception and if I fail to do so I understand that will automatically be classed as a late cancellation or no show to the class.

Late arrival to booked in class

I understand that if I arrive to Technofunc to join in the class I booked out after the explanation has finished I will NOT be able to participate in the class. This is due to OH & S insurance reasons. Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to class start time, otherwise you may be turned away and not able to join in the class.

Late Cancellation or No show to booking Policy

I understand that Technofunc has a $5 late cancellation fee for classes that will be applied to any members bookings that fail to notify staff that they will not be coming and just don't show up. This charge will be applied to your next weekly membership direct debit.

Exercise History & Physical Health

The health and safety of our members is our main priority. I warrant that I am in physical condition of participating in ANY of Technofunc classes. If I know of ANY medical conditions or medical concerns that may stop me from participating, I clearly define what they are to the staff and obtain a medical clearance certificate to advise that I am able to participate. 

Injury Liability

I understand that the fitness instructor(s) are NOT able to provide any medical advice in regard to your current condition, fitness level and abilities and that any information given is used a guideline to your ability and condition. 

I agree NOT to hold any certified trainer or directors of Technofunc. liable for any injury that pay occur during a session, and that I am participating at my own risk. 

Pregnancy Liability

I understand that in the case that I am to fall pregnant I am are to obtain a clearance form my Doctor to clear that to participate in HIIT training and if you continue to you are aware of the risks involved and that you are participating at your own risk. If you are to fall pregnant you must notify Technofunc Staff immediately off this.  In the case that you fall pregnant and are unable to continue exercise a doctor certificate must be provided with the reasons why ( this does NOT void you of fulfilling your term agreement time period) . In the case that you are still in contract and do not wish to cancel you are to speak to Technofunc directors about your situation where they can cover the options you have in regards to your membership. If you wish you cancel the same cancellation policies apply that are stated below for ALL Technofunc memberships and the time period/ payments must be fulfilled or paid out to Technofunc. 

Paying for membership

Membership fees are paid in advanced, weekly by Technofunc chosen Direct Debit billing company Paysmart and will be Direct Debited from the nominated bank account or credit card. If entering an agreement where I pay upfront for the term of the agreement, I understand that this is non refundable as I need to fulfil the term agreement that I joined on. If cancelling I understand that my membership fees are to be Paid in Full to Technofunc.

Your requirements as a Technofunc. Member

Bank Accounts -You must make sure that there is enough money in your account on the payment day and you understand that it is YOUR responsibility to notify Technofunc. of any changes 72hours prior to direct debit date that may have been made to your account, such as closing or transferring. 

Credit Cards -You also understand that any changes to your credit card, such as update cards, stolen or lost cards or expired cards, are given at least 72hours prior to next direct debit date. 

Failed payments

If I don’t pay my fees on the due date, my access to Technofunc. facility will be suspended after 2 failed payments until the outstanding payment has been made and I have given Technofunc my updated account/ credit card details if required. 

Dishonour fees

I understand that Technofunc Direct Debit billing company Paysmart have dishonour fees for each failed payment. This is $15 per failed payment and is added to the weekly membership amount and will automatically be redebated the following week, which means that the weekly debit amount will increase from my normal membership amount until the arrears is fixed up.

Contact about failed payments

Technofunc. will make reasonable effort to advise me on the status of the failed payment(s) after our Direct Debit company have tried to do so by letting me know via:

Emailing me to the address provided in signing your membership in my name, I must make sure the payment method I choose remains valid for the length of the agreement. If your payment fails, I understand I am liable for all resulting fees this includes the fees which may apply. If I do not contact us back to amend the arrears, that I may incur from the debt collection company. 

Debt Collection

I understand that Paymsart will endeavour to contact me in regards to my arrears on behalf of Technofunc. If after 3 attempts of SMS reminders and emails I fail to comply with the arrears conditions and pay your membership fees Paysmart will send my account to debt collection which in turn will incur more fees and charges from the Debt Collection company.

Change of agreement

Technofunc. may sometimes add, change or remove parts of our terms and conditions. This includes opening and closing hours, services at our facility and membership fees. Technofunc will notify within 28 days of any changes and new changes apply to ALL Technofunc memberships. 

Increase of fees

Technofunc. reserve the right to increase membership fees only at any time after your agreement has ended. Technofunc will make reasonable effort to contact you within 28 days’ of doing so, which will be emailed to the address you supplied on your membership. 


Technofunc understand that from time to time you may not be able to train due to holidays, sickness/illness or becoming injured or wish to cancel your membership altogether. The following rules apply to ALL suspensions and cancellations

  • All members have a 2 week minimum suspension period

  •  All members have a 6 week maximum suspension period

  • Suspensions must be put on at the club and form signed by member themselves

  • All suspension time is added to the agreement regardless of if you are in a 6 month agreement or a month by month agreement

  • Suspensions can NOT be backdated

  • Suspension forms will not be emailed

  • NO Pro-rata suspension periods

Suspensions for Pregnant members

If you fall pregnant and want to continue your membership after you give birth the following terms and conditions apply:

  • You are able to suspend your membership for: minimum 2 weeks & a maximum 26 weeks ( 6 months)

  • You must get a doctors clearance to participate in Technofunc classes after birth

  • Suspensions must be put on at the club and form signed by member themselves

  • Suspension forms will not be emailed


  • Cancel anytime, with a MINIMUM 30 Days notice

  • Cancellation form MUST be signed by person who holds the membership in the CLUB 

  • Technofunc will and do not email cancellation forms to members 

  • NO cancellations can occur if a membership is on a current suspension 

  • All Technofunc memberships are non refundable if paid upfront or direct debited

  • Contract exit fee for each membership IF cancelled in the first 30days of signing agreement which is $99. 

  • If already well into agreement you will need to pay out in full the remaining amount of weeks/ months that you have left. (Example 6 month contract, cancelled 1 month in, you pay out the remaining 5 months to opt out of membership) 

  •  Exit fee ( $99) does not apply if cancellation fee is a result of Sickness or injury and results in inability to partake in Technofunc classes. *Doctors report and Certificate MUST be provided.

  • If cancelling membership due to injury and inability to partake in exercise a Doctors REPORT ( not certificate) must be provided and ALL the above Cancellation policies still apply as per a normal cancellation

Social Media Promotion

Technofunc. will take photos and videos throughout our classes and from time to time. I agree to allow Technofunc. to use content that may contain images of me participating in sessions.